About this Site

This is a blog site for people who value liberty and love their country.  This is a blog site for people who support the Tea Party movement as a peaceful way to embrace the values and principles on which our great nation was founded and demand that our government return to that perfect formula so that our individual rights and freedoms can be as best protected as our Founders and our early freedom fighters envisioned and for which they devoted their lives, their interests, and their sacred honor.

This is also a blog for patriots who want to know their Constitution and understand how it protects individual liberty.  Together with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution constitutes the charter of our freedom.  In 1787, our Founders took the concept of “Natural Law” and made it central to the existence of our very nation.  Our rights stem from our Creator, and as such, no government can take them away.  And to make sure that would not happen, as it did in the various tryannical governments of Europe and elsewhere, our Framers devised a government, of which the Constitution sets out the blueprint, which was specifically and intentionally designed to protect those God-given and inalienable rights.  The Constitution was written for those in whose name it was cast: We the People.  It is a charter outlining exactly what functions and powers the federal government is to have and what we can expect from that government.  It establishes sovereignty in all of us, We the People, as a collective body of citizens.  Power derives from us and not the other way around.

The Constitution is a short document –  and remarkably straightforward.  Our Founders never intended that we would need judges and justices to interpret it for us.  It wasn’t required that we have law degrees to understand it.  The Constitution was never supposed to come under the exclusive dominion of the Supreme Court who would ignore its simple common sense meaning and would fail to see the forest from the trees.

It is our duty to know and protect the Constitution.  Liberty has been defended and fought for throughout the ages, often at great peril and enormous consequences.  It would be a travesty that in our most civilized age that we fail to read and appreciate the power and brilliance of our Constitution and allow our liberties to be robbed from us simply because we’ve taken it all for granted for too long.

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